Sudoku - Latin Squares

Sudoku - Latin Squares

A fun variation to Sudoku

Sudoku - Latin Squares is an enjoyable game of Sudoku to play on your Mac. View full description


  • Latin Squares is a fun variation
  • Lots of help
  • Progressive difficulty


  • Classic mode can be difficult for new users

Very good

Sudoku - Latin Squares is an enjoyable game of Sudoku to play on your Mac.

It has two modes to choose from: Classic or Latin Squares. The classic one offers the bigger 9X9 board while Latin Squares is a variation where you not only have to enter all numbers in rows but also in the colored section. Classic mode will give beginners a better grasp of how to play Sudoku, yet Latin Squares is easy to get accustomed to.

The game provides clear tutorials and hints which you can switch off any time. You can also add in notes and use right click to jot down possible solutions in the boxes. Because of the many difficulty levels, Sudoku - Latin Squares is enjoyable for anyone, whether beginner or more advanced users. Starting off with a 9X9 grid in Classic mode might be too challenging for new users though.

The game offers nice graphics and good, yet slightly exotic music, to make the game a little more exciting. You might prefer switching it off to focus more on your grid though.

Sudoku - Latin Squares offers two different versions of Sudoku and provides a lot of help for new users.

This new twist on a classic game opens up a whole new world of Sudoku. Start small, with a 3x3 grid, to take things easy. Or go big, with the classic 9x9 grid, and become a sudoku master. With all kinds of helpful features, like notes and hints, you'll get drawn in to solving hundreds of challenging puzzles.


  • Two great games in one
  • Single click interface
  • The only Sudoku game built for ages 5 to 100
  • Ability to mark cells to show decision points
  • Take your puzzle on the road with our advanced printing feature
  • Includes great features such as hints, notes, undos and saves

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Sudoku - Latin Squares


Sudoku - Latin Squares

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